The Sweetest Little Pepper

By Kris Woll

Super cute, this little chili pepper costume, with a long, red felt body and a tie-on green stem.  My first baby wore it – complaining all the while – in the 2007 Cobble Hill Park Halloween parade led by a Willy Wonka-dressed Dan Zanes.  The weather was still warm in Brooklyn that October and the sun and leaves and old stone sidewalks provided a picture-perfect scene for kids and parents and tricks and treats and my first Halloween as a mama.  I found the whole experience enchanting, even while caring for a grumpy chili pepper.  

Last fall, four years after its seasonal debut, my second little baby donned the costume — the red part anyway.  At less than a month old, her tiny head couldn’t fill the green hat.  My stem-less pepper (who actually looked a bit more like a Hot Tamale candy) snuggled in my arms.  We stayed back in the warmth of our little house to hand out M&M’s while a very excited Darth Vader and his dad collected candy from neighbors.  In the four years since his first experience with the holiday, my first-born’s attitude toward Halloween transformed.

This year I’ll have a running (perhaps flying?) Harry Potter and toddling Yoda.  My sweet little pepper costume is ready to move on, and so it’s up on Itizen now.  Maybe you’ll have a cute little baby pepper story soon, too.