The Post-Holiday Piles: How to Move Things Out as More Stuff Comes In


Photo Credit: Nora McInerny

The holidays are over, presents are unwrapped and our kids’ closets and toy boxes are fuller than ever. If your home is anything like mine, you’ve run out room and the kidstuff is overflowing into the living room, dining room, and other places you’ve tried to keep more presentable (you know, the few rooms in the house that you actually allow guests into). I even have bins of clothes that my son’s outgrown in my bedroom. Ugh. Not the look I was going for.

It’s time that I reclaim my home! So, here’s my plan. I’m organizing things into the following three piles.

1. Resell.
In our family, we go for quality over quantity, so this pile is the good stuff where I know I can get a return, whether it’s an item that he outgrew before he could wear it out or a well-intentioned gift that doesn’t suit his style and still has the tags. When less it more, I know I can get higher end brands for my son because this is the stuff that will sell when he’s done with it. It’s the smart way to go. Trust me. Shameless plug if you’ve got a little gentleman: I’m @dotshop on Kidizen.

2. Hand down.
These are basic essentials that every kid needs a lot of, but don’t sell very well. When he was little, this was mostly onesies and sleepers. Now that he’s older, I hand down basic tees and pants that might have a little wear in the knees but still have life in them. I also hand down winter gear such as boots, gloves, skates, etc. This stuff is expensive but not always the cutest stuff that others want to buy.

3. Hand out.
Very few things get thrown away in my house, unless they’ve been torn to shreds (which my son has been known to do). When friends pass on the items from pile #2, they go to our local thrift shops. I often shop at thrift stores, so I feel it’s important to put things back into circulation by making donations as well. It’s all a part of the wonderful cycle of kidstuff!  

Now that my son is older, I like to get him involved in process. It’s a good “teaching moment” — I feel it’s important for him to understand that as things move into our home, we also need to move things out. It’s sometimes hard for him to let go of certain things, and his tendency (as is his moms!) is to fall into the habit of amassing more and more things.

He’s slowly learning that it feels good to pass things on so that they can start a new life in someone else’s home.

Happy 2014, Kidizens!

- Dori