Itizen at SXSW — Panel on The New Sharing Economy

Here’s the scoop — Saturday, 11am in Salon K at the Hilton, we have folks from Zimride, Rentalic, Shareable Magazine, Latitude Research, and Itizen talking about The New Sharing Economy. Whether you are looking to save money or save the planet, this panel will tell you why sharing is where it’s at.

In the words of Neal Gorenflo from Shareable Magazine, “These days, sharing is an industry thanks largely to new technology. And it’s critical to the environment, the economy, and the way we live together as a society.“       

A few years back, we saw the trends all pointing in this direction — most notably the shifts in consumer behavior and change in how people view their possessions. But what impresses me the most is the magnitude of this movement and potential it has to make a sizable impact. We have people more aware of the things around them and the ability for these things to contribute to the greater good. It’s sort of a heightened emotional intelligence, but one that focuses on our things rather than ourselves.   

Our hope is that Itizen will help to support this movement by giving people the tools to get more out of the things they have and to extend the life of these things. When Mary and I came up with the idea for Itizen, we were new parents looking to find a way to share and track the huge amount of stuff that was moving in and out of our homes. Baby gear, toys, books, clothes — it’s amazing how quickly this stuff can take over your home. Then we realized we could move these things out as quickly as we move it in. And so the sharing cycle with our friends began.

At the time, we had no idea that sharing was on the verge of becoming a global industry. We would have also never imagined that in 2011, I would be speaking on a panel at SXSW called The New Sharing Economy. We are so proud to be a part a part of this movement and excited about what lies ahead!