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This week's Shop story is with KK&H. Meet Kelsey and her family!  

Kelsey's story: Hi, I'm Kelsey from Northern California. I'm a full time mommy during the day and a KAIA FIT coach and TRX trainer in the evenings. I love love love clothes, especially for my littles! 

My shop is KK&H named after my three littles Kayleigh, Kenzie (or red as we call her), and my little guy Holden.

Brands we like: I have always been a sucker for Gap, H&M, and Old Navy over the years for my girls and we always find cute little things at Target, where I love to spend any free time. 

When I got pregnant and we found out it was a boy I was scared. I don't know anything about boys, I'm so girly and just didn't know what to put him in. Now I love dressing him! I love Gap for him and H&M but a lot of his stuff is from small independent shops. 

Love Kindred Oak, Made by Molly, Kid and Kind, Loved by Hannah and Eli, Little Adi co and so many more. He has even changed the way I dress my girls, I buy a lot more hipster pieces now for them.

Favorite score on Kidizen: My favorite score on Kidizen was a little fox outfit. I had looked for months on eBay and one day there it was on the Kidizen feed! I'm gonna have a hard time letting it go! 

Imaginary fashion coalition: I'd like to go shopping with Kourtney Kardashian. I love the way she dresses her little ones plus she just seems fun.

Life motto: I think this quote pretty much sums it up.

Funny things my kids have said or done: Gosh they crack me up everyday. My oldest one is 6 going on 16 and she probably makes me laugh the most. 

She's obsessed with clothes like me and now justifies why I need to buy her things, "Mom, wouldn't this look really cute with those polka dot shorts?" She's such a mini me! 

Best parenting advice: I'm a very scheduled person that likes routine but I'm learning to go with my kids flow and let some things go. 

Favorite travel destination: Disneyland! We go every year and I wait all year for it. We dress the kids up in themed outfits everyday we are there and I just love it. It truly is the happiest place on earth for our bunch. 

Favorite kid friendly activities: We love the zoo, the local splash pad, swimming at mama's and our mall has great play areas my kids love. 

Advice for newbies on Kidizen: I think it's important to get involved. Post pictures in the galleries, comment and share things in the Facebook group and comment on others' shop listings. 

You'll find most of the moms on Kidizen are just super nice people.

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