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Your brief story: My name is Kristen of Birdie & Bubble, and I am mommy to Avery (the Birdie), age 7, and Ezra (the Bubble), age 1.  They are beautiful and wild and curious and busy, but most of all, they are joy incarnate.  I saved all of Avery’s clothes because I was sure I would have another girl someday.  You know what they say about where the best laid plans lead you……and almost 6 years later, our little guy was born and we had BINS and BINS of girl clothes waiting to be used!  

I heard good things about Kidizen recently and decided to give it a try to pass along these great clothes, and I became instantly hooked!  I love that you can also sell cloth diapers, because that is a big part of our lives right now with Ezra.

Favorite back to school clothes, and favorite cause: I’m excited to start looking for back-to-school clothes for my daughter!  This year I am obsessed with mixing ivory and army green--like lace skirts with military jackets, exaggerated cowl-neck dresses and sweatshirts, thick, chunky cardigans, and ALWAYS black and white striped everything.  

Of course, she is also going to need a pair of tall black boots and we’ll probably throw in a pair of short metallic boots for a little flair!

As far as the little guy's style is concerned, it kind of revolves around the fact that he is cloth diapered.  We started using cloth on Ezra when he was born for environmental and financial reasons, and it was shocking to find out it is as addictive as fashion (there goes the financial benefit, haha).  

There are so many amazing, modern types of diapers available nowadays that are just so cool--I think most people would be shocked to see how fun cloth diapering has become.  We also use Sloomb wool as covers for his diapers, and the wool is a big part of his style at this point.  I could talk about wool and cloth diapering for hours straight!

Kids brands you like:  We love Zara, Crewcuts, Olive Juice, Sloomb wool, Peek, Mini Boden, Gap, and Tea Collection for both of the kids.  They both wear checkerboard Vans and black Chucks just like their Daddy (amongst many other shoes, haha).

Favorite score on Kidizen:  I just found an amazing pair of limited edition Adidas with Gonzo on them for a great price!  I will hoard them for the little guy for a few years—they were too good to pass up!

Imaginary Fashion Coalition (real or imaginary, dead or alive, people that you'd take shopping with you):  My fashion coalition would consist of my mom and sisters, mostly because we just have fun!  The fashion just falls into place naturally after the fun.

Life motto:  “I think you should buy it.”  Not the most fiscally responsible motto to have, but hey….#truth.  I bought the KonMari book.  I’m working on it.

Funny things your kid(s) have said or done:  The other day, I said to Avery, “I love you.  You have a beautiful heart.” She looked a little suspicious and replied, “Really?  Cuz hearts look like meat not cut up like a ham.”

Best parenting advice received:  Dr. Google is not a real doctor.  Stop worrying so much!

Advice for newbies on Kidizen:  Get involved on the Hello Kidizen Facebook page and make friends!  They can help your shop get noticed and maybe they’ll buy your amazing wares.

Any special promotions:  Buy more and save more!  I’ll try to always have a bundling promotion going, and if you want to buy a whole lot of items, let me know and I can work out a special price for you. 

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