Shop Stories: The Bear and the Bow


Alyssa's story: My name is Alyssa, and I'm a born and raised Midwestern girl living in New England. I say "Pop," not Soda, but will also say "lob-stah" non-ironically. I enjoy reality television, boxed wine, trips to Target just to "get out of the house," and the overuse of emojis. 

I have two kids I love and tolerate - Blair is three and a half and Wells is 14 months. I stay at home with them, and love that Kidizen has given me a little "part time job" in selling (and buying - mostly buying) their gently loved clothes! 

Kids brands you like: We love classic and comfy brands such as Boden, Crewcuts, H&M, Tea, Saltwaters, and Gap. Through Kidizen, I've also fallen in love with Mini Melissa, Peek, Zara, and Well Dressed Wolf. What's Well Dressed Wolf? I'm not going to tell you because I don't want any more cart competition. 

Favorite score on Kidizen: Definitely this Tucker + Tate cape from the lovely Emily at Juliet & James. It was one of my early Kidizen purchases, and it's something both Blair and I love. 

I'm adding a question here and also mentioning the best thing I sold on Kidizen: that would be "my husband" on April Fool's Day! And wouldn't you know, the hilarious TJ at From Luella With Love bought him. Of course, USPS lost him in the mail. I tried. 

Imaginary Fashion Coalition: First is my mom. She is a shopping queen and one time spent an entire DAY (literally 9-5), at TJ Maxx. The employees know her by name. 

Second would be Kate Middleton. She would tell me in her British accent that things either "look smashing" or "look like rubbish " and then I would just stare jealously at her hair. 

Life motto: "Life is Beautiful....holla!" 

Funny things your kid(s) have said or done: Oh boy. Actually not really the boy because he doesn't talk yet. But my girl is something else...

"When I grow up I'm going to drink wine and eat spicy food." 

Her "name of the stage" (stage name) is Barneena. I don't even know. 

I've expertly trained her to reply, "MUST BE THE MONEY!" when asked, "Why must I feel this way?" 

Best parenting advice received: Everything is a stage. Your kid will eventually sleep through the night, at some point stop pooping while hiding in the corner, and one day stop calling you "Mama" and start saying "Mom." Sob. 

Advice for newbies on Kidizen: Take well lit pictures. Run a discount. Be active on the app. Be active on the Hello Kidizen Facebook page.  Run a REALLY good discount at milestones to get noticed. Ship quickly. Include diamonds. 

Special promotions: I always have at least 15% off 2 or more in my shop! But get a few "adult beverages" in me and get some friendly shop promo competition going (cough cough Alice & Finn), and you never know what you might get! 

Favorite back to school clothes: Blair is starting preschool this year, and I'm so excited to do some real back to school shopping! 

We're going to try out our first pair of Livie and Luca shoes, and some Matilda Jane pieces. Of course Boden will come into play, as well as tons of leggings from Old Navy (the patterns are awesome!)

With all of this, I will also be buying a bulk pack of OxyClean. 

Favorite cause:  Before kids, I was a teacher (and a little bit more sane). Every year come August, I would find myself spending money at Target, Staples, and Oriental Trading to make my classroom that much better. 

So my favorite cause is supporting teachers who are supporting your kids who will one day support you (whoa, full circle). I love where you can support teachers' specific projects, ideas, and needs.

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