Meet OUR Kids...

Here at Kidizen, we've asked ourselves, "what message will inspire us as a community in 2015?". You may have realized by now that we're not the "out with the old, in with the new" type, more of the "old is IN" type. And by "old" we mean: super stylish, pre-loved hand-me-downs that deserve to be out climbing trees, riding bikes, visiting grandmaw, learning addition, going on playdates, dressing up for the holidays and all the other fun stuff that kids do!

In looking back on our last year together, we realized that what makes our community so special is SHARING. You've shared your outgrown kidstuff, your tips, your scores, your kid looks and more. We love it! Thank you for sharing the things you love. We can't wait to see what 2015 brings!

We invite you to start out the year by sharing pics of the ones you love...your kids. Share for share? It's only fair that we share too so we'll start! You've probably seen their pics scattered here and there but here's a formal introduction to some of the real kids of Kidizen – the ones that inspire us every day to make the world a better, kinder and more interesting place – our own. 


(For those of you who haven't met Dug, he's our Chief Executive Kid and ultra-cool dad of 2. )


If it has superheroes, dragons, or post-apocalyptic damsels who are definitely NOT in distress, it's rocking Daisy's world these days. Her usual wardrobe reflects this: why not wear a My Little Pony shirt with leopard leggings and a military-inspired jacket and sparkly shoes and, and, and? You never know when you'll have a world to save; you have to dress the part at all times.

Like many tweens, right now Molly aspires mainly to be a teenager, with attitude to spare--but she can still let her hair down for elaborate doll-playing scenarios or impromptu lip-dub video shoots complete with giggles and shrieks. Her style is impeccable with little room for error: it's got to fit in with the rest of the middle school set, while still leaving room for her individuality to shine through. The key to that? Accessories!

Meet Mary's Kids:


Frances (a.k.a Frankie)
Everything in Frankie's world has a soul and a voice: her dolls, chess pieces, sand grains, and she listens and ensures they're duly represented. She uses a walkie-talkie to make jocular demands for things she knows she won't get, and she hugs her friends right off their feet. The disparate articles of clothing she wears "go together" maybe 28% of the time but she looks 100% correct. All the time.

Murphy loves his home, his family & friends(the dudes), and wolves. He sees pictures and shapes other people don't discern but then seem obvious, and the boy can rock a hat and vest better than any 20-something urban male. He has yet to shun a pair of brightly colored pants, shoes or anything that draws attention to his ongoing comedy routine.

Meet Dori's Son:

This is a rare occasion in which we got Quintus into something other than jeans and a t-shirt. Even more rare is the fact that his shirt is buttoned correctly, because 90% of the time it's a buttonhole or two off (I think he does this intentionally). But there's no point in suggesting he correct it, because he will remain adamant that it's buttoned correctly. 

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