7 Tips for Snapping Kid Pics on Your Phone

For many of us, our phones have become our go-to camera. It's what we have on hand when our kids start doing those cute things that we need to capture. And you know they'll stop doing whatever it is we want to photograph as soon we go get our actual camera. Right?! So, here are a few key tips for snapping a great shot with your phone. 



Turn On HDR

A few simple settings can make a huge difference. In your phone’s camera settings make sure your HDR is switched on. High-Dynamic-Range imaging automatically takes three different exposures and blends them perfectly into one, giving you a perfectly lit, high-quality photo.

Turn OFF Your Flash

Turning off the flash will not only save you from the dreaded red eye, but will allow you to pay more attention to lighting. A naturally lit photo is far more appealing than a washed out flash photo. Practice by taking a photo in the morning, noon, and night, and see the difference in each, and how you can utilize the light at each time of the day.


Posing for family photos is great and all, but a truly candid photo is something to cherish. Try setting a low delay on your phone, and making the shutter sound silent. The low delay will allow your camera to shoot as soon as you press the button, and a silent shutter will make it less obvious you’re shooting (the kids won’t get distracted and say “CHEEEESE”).

Rapid Fire Shooting

Some phones have a rapid fire option. On iPhones, simply hold down the shutter button to take multiple photos quickly. Otherwise, download an app such as Rapid Fire - Secret Camera for iPhone. Rapid fire shooting is KEY to capturing busy kids who can’t seem to sit still. This option will automatically take 3-5 photos in rapid succession so you can capture your little ones in action!

What’s That In The Background?

Pay attention to the background of your shot. You don’t want that photo of your toddler and new puppy snuggled up for a nap on the couch to be ruined by some unsightly dirty laundry in the background! Now I know you’re thinking “That’s just not gonna happen in a house full of messy kids.” But perhaps one day make a faux photo studio in the living room, clear of composition cluttering stuff in the background and snap a few candids of the kids!

Dust Free Is The Way To Be

Just like any camera, your lens can get dirty, and deserves a clean every now and then! Dust and smudges can definitely lessen the quality of your images, and make it hard to focus on a subject. A simple dry cloth, like the ones used for eye glasses, can be used to gently clean your phone’s camera lens.

Editing Apps = Your Best Friend

Apps like VSCOCam and Afterlight are great for photo editing, cropping, borders, and filters. There’s no shame in laying a subtle filter over your photo to make it pop!